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Just imagine: capture the attention of your audience with streaming video. Through moving images and sound you will you enrapture the visitors of your website. Streaming video is your best choice on the Internet when experience plays a key role. With streaming video, your audience spends more time on your site. And brings your message across much more powerfully!

Who we are

Eelco Romeijn

Eelco Romeijn
is Content Producer and partner of PictureThis.tv. Eelco has over fifteen years of experience in producing television and video. He has worked for a number of years for the Holland Media Group, a major television production company in The Netherlands, where he produced programs for three major Dutch TV channels.

Eelco has a wide experience as a director, as well as cameraman and editor. He participated in the production of many well known television programs. He produced several corporate videos independently among which the first Dolby Digital 5.1 corporate film in The Netherlands.

Marco van der Ploeg
is Managing Partner of PictureThis.tv and has extensive experience in the field of ICT and the Internet. Has worked as ICT Manager for the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University Rotterdam and as Associate Director for Universiteit Maastricht Business School (UMBS). At RSM he was responsible for a brand new ICT infrastructure including serverfarm, trading room and computerlabs for staff, lecturers and more than 500 international MBA students. During a sabbatical year he traveled the world, and wrote a book about his travels: ‘Sama-sama'. See Planet Internet for an interview.

Marco van der Ploeg

Our mission

Streaming video adds an extra dimension to websites. When ‘experience' is your most important message to bring across on the internet, streaming video is your answer.

Streaming video captures the attention of your audience. They will spend more time on your website. Your message becomes much more powerful!

With broadband access growing fast, streaming video is increasingly being used for on line marketing and communications purposes. But also in e-learning and knowledge management applications, video streaming is an ideal solution.

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