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PictureThis.tv is Webcasting Service Partner of GoodMood, The Netherlands. GoodMood ( Finland ) has developed an advanced and user-friendly platform for live and on-demand webcasting, videoconferencing and Web TV. Participants only need a web browser and Internet connection. These webcasts can also be viewed via third generation (3G) cell phones.

PictureThis.tv is preferred supplier of Aromedia. Aromedia supports students and professionals between 11 and 37 years of age in making the most important choices in their educational, professional and personal lives. In order to reach their various target groups, Aromedia publishes (educational) guides and diaries, websites, CD-Roms and specials, known under the names of ‘TKMST', ‘Sum' and ‘Carp' magazines. Aromedia also organizes events, conducts research and offers services.